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This is a list of Real Estate Agents who have repeatedly displayed only the highest standard of ethics.  I take the satisfaction and welfare of my clients very seriously. The following agents are agents who are at the home inspection, ensuring that the client is comfortable with the process, ensuring I'm doing my job, asking questions during the inspection, and are concerned about their clients future in the home in which they are selling.  These agents take the items found within the home inspection report, in a positive manner and use them to negotiate for the benefit of our clients.  I take this list very seriously, out of the one thousand inspections I have performed in the last three years, this short list of real estate agents are the one's which stand out the most.  I want you our clients and the agents out there to know, ethics are still important in this business.  The list is in alphabetical order and I apolgize if i missed someone. Give me a call if you think I made a mistake. 

Julie Asuncion     Keller Williams Realty    julieasuncion@kw.com
Nicci Barton        Vanderhoven Team         niccivdb@yahoo.com
Mike Burns          Remax Allstars               mikeburns.realtor@sbcglobal.net
Evelyn Cruz         Coldwell Banker              evelyn@evelyncruz.com
Yessica Gutierez  Realtor & Foreclosure prevention specialist  homebaserealtor@yahoo.com
Maria Teresa Isaza          Elite Class Realty Inc                  mariaisaza@aol.com
Jaclyn Le             Century 21 Olde Tyme       j.le@c21oldetyme.com
Paul Miranda      Colony Real Estate Group    FPaulMiranda@yahoo.com
Jane Monage      Vanderhoven Team         jmonge@blackstonerealtors.com
Elizabeth Sanchez SCORE PROPERTIES  elizabeth_sanchez22@hotmail.com
Mike Santos         Keller Williams Realty   mikesantosre@gmail.com
Randy Scott         Remax Elite                     rscott001@gmail.com
Marilyn Swartz    Coldwell Banker              swartzmarilyn@yahoo.com
Michelle Tang       ZipRealty, Inc.              tellmichelle@gmail.com


Jeremy Johnson NACHI
CRI Inspection & Consulting Services, LLC


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Jeremy Johnson here from CRI Home Inspection and Real Estate Inspection Services. CRI wants you to know that we are aware that times are tough and every deal matters.  I know that closing every transaction, which you are spending your resources on, is important.  Although, CRI does not hide any issues from our clients and we are experts in our field.  The home inspection will uncover hidden issues in every home.  No home is perfect and it's important that the buyers expectations are set prior to the day of the home inspection.  CRI is adamant about being an advocate for their clients, the home owner, and you the agent should be confident that we have done our due diligence in accurately informing your client.  At CRI Home Inspections, we're committed to helping you and your client work through the inspection process as easily as possible!  CRI offers an array of services, which are designed to expedite the inspection process.  CRI offers same day reports, on request, via PDF files.

We know how important it is for us to inform our clients the critical facts about their future home in a non-threatening  and non-frightening manner.  CRI home inspection uses a presentation format for the inspection process. CRI does not only highlight the items that need service, but we also run through the homes vital systems.  Showing our clients how there new home works and the best way to keep it working. 

We have had excellent results by using this method and tons of positive responses from our clients and our referring agents. What we won't do is make a huge issue about a $13 GFCI outlet that needs to be replaced or a broken roof tile that can easily be repaired with a $15 bucket of roof mastic.  There is no such thing as a perfect house and some repairs are to be expected.  We are perfectly capable finding as much as possible to help negotiate selling points, we are experts in the construction field and can be as meticulous and as straight to the point as necessary.



1.  Go out of your way to be positive but objective at the home inspection!

2.  Convey our home inspection findings in a neutral, non-scary manner!

3.  Make sure our home inspection client is a 110% satisfied with the home inspection service!

4.  We will always consider the best way to present a home inspection item and whether the item is important enough to be listed in the summary section of the home inspection report or in black ink where suggestions are made to properly maintain our clients new home.

5.  CRI will always Look sharp and have our vehicle looking sharp for the home inspection!

6.  CRI strives to Get Zero Callbacks and Complaints on every home inspection!


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