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Corona Home Inspection Services

Corona home inspection company provides top knotch home inspection services throughout the city of Corona. CRI home inspection has managed the construction of hundreds of homes within the city of Corona.  CRI Home Inspection is the only home inspection company in the city of Corona that provides its home insepection clients with a home inspection walk thru. CRI home inspection spends the time needed with you the client, showing you the in and out of your new home.  We will guide you through your home, showing how to operate your homes shut-off valves and inform you of important service items, which will prolong the life of your home.  CRI home inspection does not only comment on whats wrong with your home. CRI Home inspection will tell you why there is failure and what options you have in fixing incorrect item.  If your purchasing a home in Corona, then CRI home inspection is the company to choose for your home inspection. CRI home inspection has served the city of Corona for the last ten years and we will continue to provide you with the best home inspection experience possible.