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El Monte Home Inspection

CRI Home Inspections in El Monte California.

Here a small piece of El Monte's history.

The “island” of El Monte, a four-by seven mile tract of rich, low-lying land east of Los  Angeles between the San Gabriel and Rio Hondo Rivers, has always offered respite and replenishment to native dwellers and travelers. In centuries past, the Gabrielino, or Tongva Indians used this area as they traversed the land harvesting foods and hunting game. Blessed with deep, rich, alluvial topsoil, the area was crossed by small streams, and in those early days was covered by stands of slender willows, alders and cattails, interspersed with expansive meadows, wild grapevines, and succulent watercress. Between the 1770s and 1830s, missionaries and Spanish soldiers stopped here, and named the area, “El Monte,” which referred not to the mountain as most assume, but to that era’s definition—“meadow or marsh” or “the wooded place.”

El Monte’s first permanent residents arrived in 1849-50, a time when thousands of prospectors and immigrant pioneers came to California seeking gold. Few found wealth in the gold, but some found the riches of a fertile land and built homes. In the 1850s with permanent residents consisting of no more than a dozen families. He proposed naming their village “Lexington” in honor of his birthplace and as a tribute to the importance of that name in U.S. Revolutionary War history. Even though residents agreed, the original name of El Monte, Monte Camp or The Monte persisted. When the State Legislature organized California into smaller defined governmental units called townships, they named this area El Monte Township, with the Village of Lexington as its government seat. Two years later the town’s name reverted to the original: El Monte.
In the 1930’s El Monte was a small community with a Mexican population of about
20 percent, a Japanese population of 5 percent, and an Anglo population of 75 percent.
However, the Depression of the ’30s brought drastic changes to El Monte, as it did to many
other communities.  Now the tenth largest city (out of 88) in Los Angeles County, the land use within its ten square mile area is 58 percent residential, 11 percent retail, 10 percent industrial, 7 percent office/commercial, and 14 percent other. El Monte is ethnically a very diverse community, with the year 2000 demographics reflecting an increase in the Asian population up to an all-time high of 18
percent, the Hispanic population remaining steady at 75 percent, and Caucasians decreasing to 7 percent. El Monte is home to Longo Toyota, the largest single auto dealership in the world, with other
successful auto dealerships situated nearby. Other major retail businesses include Home Depot, Kmart and Sam’s Club. Major industries include Vons Distribution Warehouse, Wells Fargo Operations enter, and St. Gobain Glass Containers. El Monte is on the move, with a new Aquatics Center with four indoor pools scheduled to open in summer 2003. In recent times, new immigrants from Taiwan, China, Vietnam, Indochina, the Philippines, Central and South America have moved into El Monte, providing an international flavor and strong workforce. These citizens have a positive work ethic and
get along well with each other. City commissions include formal ties with Taiwan, China, Mexico and France. Members of all ethnic groups serve within these commissions, bringing together people from countries across the world. Despite all these changes, El Monte continues to offer a home for those seeking to put down roots, seek new opportunities, and bring fresh ideas and energy to the area—the
wooded place of shelter and security, the meadow land of opportunity and promise.

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