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Escondido Home Inspections

Escondido Home Inspections are performed by CRI Inspections and Consulting Services, LLC. CRI is acronym for Certified Residential Inspections, and is a member of the California network of Premier Inspectors, we are also certified as our name states and in good standing with several other home inspection organizations.


Did you know that California is one of the few states that do not require a home inspector to be certified or licensed. Can you believe that? Most of my clients are amazed when they are informed of this information.  To think that any person can call himself a home inspector with little or know knowledge. I believe a home inspector is a consultant to his or her client that helps that client make million dollar decisions and he better know what he's talking about!!!!

Please don't hesitate to call us we are experts in the home inspection business and specialize in homes located throughout San Diego County and the city of Escondido. You can call us anytime at 951-751-5360 or e-mail at residentialinspections1@gmail.com To view more about the greatest place to live in Southern California and maybe the world please you can visit San Diego's Tourism website by clicking our link. You can also find local hangout spots by visiting Merchant Circle