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Certified Residential Inspections LLC (CRI LLC) is owned and operated by a veteran of not only of the home construction industry but of the United States Army. Jeremy Johnson after being discharged from the 82nd Airborne Infantry Division of the United States Army in 1996, began a career in construction and home inspection. Jeremy worked for a major commercial and residential builder that was world renowned for their work on projects such as English Canal, John Wayne Airport, and many other similar structures. After completing 10 years of service and managing the quality of construction and inspecting over a thousand homes, Jeremy started his own corporation, CRI Inspection Service LLC. Its Jeremy's goal to ensure the education of new and seasoned home owners, ensuring that the power is put back into the customer's hand, ensuring home owners are no longer taken advantage of by big builders. Its not uncommon for investors to employ a company to research potential investments. On Wall Street, Brokers do not make a quarter of a million dollar decisions without seeking out all the necessary information about their investment and you shouldn't either. Please before you buy ask us to be your guide through your investment .

CRI Home Inspection LLC accomplishes the goal of preparing homeowners for the log journey of home ownership by creating and performing quality inspections, full of detailed information and understandable explanations of whats wrong, why its wrong, and the best way to fix found concerns. We also offer reports that are completely digital, easily down-loadable and full of high quality color photos to further help you to identify the information in our reports.

CRI Home Inspection Service is the customer's best friend when it comes to making sound home and commercial buying decisions. Let CRI help you in deciding whether or not one of the largest economic purchases in your life is viable.