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Why You Don't Think You Need A Home Inspection.

Misconceptions of our average potential Home Inspection clients:

"My home is relatively new. I don't need to worry about a home inspection?"

The first mistake you can make is to assume that because your home was built recently, it is free of defects. As a Construction Superintendent I built over a thousand homes for builders who's primary concern was how fast and how cheap you could put up a house.

Find a builder who is recognized for quality and not quantity. Have a professional inspector inspect the home during construction at the critical points; Pre-foundation, Pre-Insulation, Pre-Drywall and if possible have the inspector with you on your final walk.

"Dosen't the city check the homes as they are built? Why would I need another inspection?"

Don't trust that the City or County Building Officials will ensure that the home is being built to code. There are good inspectors and there are bad inspectors just like anywhere else and in any other field. As a Superintendent of new home construction for over ten years, I had to schedule and meet with the city, county, state, and various local inspectors relevant to the job in which needed approval in order to move forward or to obtain a final or Certificate of Occupancy. During those ten years I met multiple types of inspectors, some were intense and some were intent on being home relaxing with a remote in hand. Some would demand perfection and some would demand to take a uninterupted nap at my desk. One City Building Offical would come to my office with his lunch at the ready and proceed to eat it at my desk, nap for a short spell, and then proceed to sign off the inspections which I had scheduled to be inspected that day. The moral of the story is don't assume that there is someone looking out for your best interests. If there is a way for you to better protect your family, your investment, and yourself, then take advantage of it.

Solution: Have a third party inspector look at your home prior to you investing yourself, time and your life savings, to ensure that your future home is built to the appropriate standards.

I don't need to be present at the Home Inspection. Do I?

Make time for your home inspection it will benefit you in the end. It is extremely important you make time for your inspection and be present. The home inspection is your opportunity to ask as many questions as you can manage, insuring you get the most for your money. I've had to do re-inspections for clients who have had other inspection companies do there inspection for them in the past. The home owner was not satisfied or didn't understand the content of the report. Nine times out of ten we find items that the other home inspector missed, which they might not have if you or the Realtor were there. Anyways, so they elected to spend an additional two to three hundred dollars and hire me to re-inspect their home. Another important item of information is that you cannot depend on your agent to ensure your inspector is doing a thorough job. Agents are very busy and the last thing an agent is going to tell an inspector is, "Can please find as many things as possible that will slow down or kill my real estate deal? Thanks."