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Recalls Every Home Owner Should Know About

Defective Systems and Materials

Over the years, the construction industry in the attempt to improve productivity, safety, and reduce construction costs, manufacturers have introduced various materials and systems which have been proven to be defective and even deadly.  

Property damage, serious illness and/or death, house fires, electrical shock, lung cancer, floods, etc are all examples of conditions created due to cost cutting and good old innovation.

  To ensure Certified Residential Inspections clients are the most informed home inspection clients on the planet, CRI has gathered some of the most common safety hazards found within the common home.

If you are concerned your home may have some of the products or systems listed below, do not hesitate to call Certified Residential Home Inspections to further evaluate the condition of the your home with one of our home inspection packages.

Knowledge about the materials and systems within your home can help you learn how to handle these materials and systems during remodels and even day to day living.   You cant trust Johnny contractor or even the local city inspector to care for your and your families safety more than you do. Just knowing some basics on Lead, Mold, and Asbestos handling procedures can save you thousands in medical costs and prevent irreversible medical conditions.

Asbestos Ducts, Siding, and other products

Chinese Drywall

Federal Pacific Electrical Hazards

Leaks Plague Polybutylene Pluming Lines

Masonite Siding

Mold Growth

Ionization Smoke Detectors

Premier Consolidated Furnaces


Galvanized Plumbing

Cast Iron Sewer

Grey Flexible Ducting

Fiberglass Ducting

Wood Shingle Roof

Concrete Roof with no roofing paper or roof sheathing?

FAU next to water heater

Flex Connectors