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Inspecting Your Home for its Future




If your in the process of purchasing your first or next home YOU want to find a home that not only suits your needs, but a home which has a future in front of it. None of us can predict the future. What we can do is attempt to foresee goals and changes in our lives which are going to require changes within the walls which we call home.  Does the home have enough rooms, or a large enough yard to allow for additional rooms to be built. Is a garage conversion a potential interior space? Are garage conversions permitted in the community your looking to buy your home in? On the opposite side of the spectrum, are you looking to down size because kids will be leaving off to college. Specific situations require a specific attention to the parameters of your potential home purchase.  Are stairs going to pose a problem for elderly parents, is there a guest house for guests, or is the guest house large enough for you to move into if need be. Choosing a home is a important task and should be made considering you may be in the home a long time. 

With that said, clients often ask me after a home inspection, "Would you buy this home?"  The client obviously concerned with the issues they have been alerted to during the home inspection walk-thru. The potential buyer is trying to get me to decide whether they are to pursue the purchase of the home based solely on my opinion of the homes current condition which is identified on only the three to four hours in the home for the purpose of a home inspection.  The home inspection findings should only be one consideration of many, when buying a home. Not knowing the price of the home, the community amenities, the clients commuting considerations, school system quality, etc we cant offer the client any good answer to there question. Whether I would or would not buy a home is not giving a opinion with any value. Although, when the question is brought to me while inspecting a one million dollar condo in Orange County or anywhere else for that matter, I often feel like saying, " There is no way I would pay a million bucks for a condo". Especially when I know I can take that million and buy a home on a private island in Panama or a 40 acre ranch in Wyoming and still have $700k left over.   Anyways, the point is now that the buy sale days of the housing bubble are over, staying put and planning for the future, living within our means, conserving resources, valuing friends and family should and can easily be the riches in which we actually should  be "investing" in for hopes of long term gain.
Every home has issues and every issue has a story. A trained eye can easily see the difference in a skillfully built home, a well planned remodel, or a home owner who has properly taken care of their home over the years. This articles intention is to teach our potential clients, how to recognize a homes sometimes subtle history of damages, so called upgrades, issues, and/or stories on the interior and exterior.

Whether your a home owner, a home shopper, or even a renovation contractor, look closely and search for breaks in patterns or patterns themselves. Every client, clients agent, seller, and selling agent I've ever had the pleasure in doing business with as been surprised to find how many issues there really are. Safety issues, required updating, general appearance, or equally important preventive maintenance. A careful inspection can be your guide in deciding to purchase or not purchase your next home or future renovations.  Often, when house shopping your own inspection can reveal conditions serious enough to dissuade you from beginning the purchase process. The drawn out process of buying a home can add up to thousands of dollars being spent before we, the home inspection company are brought into the equation. I have been apart of countless inspection walk thrus that ended in my client canceling the purchase. A client canceling a purchase because of items we alerted the client to is a rewarding feeling. Potentially protecting a family from physical harm or financial peril gives validity to our industry, although knowing the client is back to the drawing board and potentially out a considerable amount of cash, not to mention the Real Estate Agents investment of time into the home and client resulting in no monetary compensation is regretful, which often makes us the hero in the eye of the buyer and the enemy in the eyes of everyone else. See our Yelp reviews for proof of the aforementioned, which depict us as incompetent but only when the review originates from the sellers agent. When reviews are left by my actual clients the home buyer, we are portrayed as the hero of the day. These one sided opinions speak volumes to what obstacles we face when trying to be as informative as possible for the benefit of our client. The problems discovered during a home inspection may not dissuade you in the purchase, but can be a negotiation tool in obtaining repairs or a reduced purchase price.  Most aspects of a purchase agreement are negotiable. The best inspectors are employed by the buyer and not the agents representing the buyer.